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The firm is open by appointment only.

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  • Schedules of the secretariat :

  • Monday :
  • 9h to 12h - 14h to 20h
  • Tuesday :
  • 8h to 12h - 13h to 18h
  • Wednesday :
  • 9h to 12h - 13h to 18h
  • Thursday :
  • 9h to 12h - 14h to 20h
  • Friday :
  • 9h to 12h - 14h to 20h
  • Saturday :
  • 8h to 14h
  • Sunday:
  • Closed


Objectives of the consultations

Aesthetic consultations are intended for the aesthetic treatment of the face, breasts, anti-aging treatment, body contouring (treatment interventions), treatment of baldness, dermato-surgery, injectables (fillers) and treatment with botulinic acid (Botox). A precise analysis will be carried out and a therapeutic proposal can be proposed to you. They take place in the firm.

The General Plastic consultation is dedicated to all surgeries: Breast surgery, bariatric surgery, limb recovery (in coordination with our orthopedic team), Dermato-surgery, Pathology of the face, Maxillofacial traumatology. It takes place at the Consultation of Plastic Surgery on the ground floor of the Hopital E. Muller Moenchberg.

The consultation of the Clinique du Brein is intended for the care of patients who have undergone breast surgery for cancer or other pathology. The surgeon will propose a treatment adapted to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast or a reconstruction breast adapted to your situation.

It takes place on the 1st floor of the building of the maternity gynecology of the Hasenrain hospital.